About Us

The Silent Night Foundation was formed in 2014 by the Ondrush family in conjunction with the Smithtown Children’s Foundation.

Similar to the families that the Silent Night Foundation intends to benefit, our team has experienced the struggles and emotions of childhood illness and we are driven to bring joy in any capacity, no matter how small.

We are regular people just like you. We have families. We have jobs. We are grateful for what we have … and we want to pay it forward.

Please help us brighten the holiday season for children with illnesses by donating whether it be financial or through a service you can provide.

Attend one of our events, volunteer, or make a donation – regardless of how you get involved, we appreciate your support.

The Silent Night Foundation is a dba of the Branch Brook Children’s Foundation.
The Branch Brook Children’s Foundation is a non-profit charitable tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

The Branch Brook Children’s Foundation IRS 501c3 Approval Letter is available. (Download Here).
Our IRS Form 990 is available upon request.